Christian Hageseth Entrepreneur

Business Insider - Take a tour inside Denver's multi-million dollar legal marijuana empire

"Colorado legalized the use of medical marijuana in 2000 and recreational use in 2012. But as Hageseth tells Business Insider, 'We are still an unwelcome business on the federal level....It's illegal for a bank to take my money. It's just like they were taking El Chapo Guzman's money or Scarface's money. I am treated like any other drug dealer.'"

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Cannabis Industry Journal: A Q&A With Christian Hageseth: Innovate or Die

"Christian Hageseth, founder of American Cannabis Partners, Green Man Cannabis and the Colorado Cannabis Ranch and author of 'Big Weed,' gave a presentation at the recent High Times Business Summit titled 'Innovate or Die.' During the session, he discussed at length why industry leadership in innovation is key in determining the progress and growth of the cannabis industry."

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Deadline Hollywood - Green Man Cannabis Founder Christian Hageseth Headed For Reality Series With High Noon

"High Noon Entertainment and Dan Farah’s Farah Films have put in development an unscripted series on Green Man Cannabis founder Christian Hageseth and are shopping the project to cable networks. The companies secured life rights to Hageseth, who’s described as the new face of the emerging legalized-marijuana industry in the U.S."

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